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Not Goodbye — Just So Long for Now


I remember lugging my backpack around Europe in the summer of ’88, enviously eyeballing the tour operators in their air-conditioned buses and thinking, must be nice. Soon though, it became clear that those peering from behind the fancy tinted windows were limited to staged visits at predetermined sites — extemporaneous exploration excluded. At twenty-one, immortality remained a reality but a wisp of doubt lingered: Perhaps bucket list pursuits came with a use-by date?

When I met my husband, he sported a fused ankle bone with a few steel screws drilled in for good measure (a youthful act of…let’s just say a lapse in judgment he’ll never forget). Besides triggering airport security (ever spy that airline captain standing spread-eagle?😜 ), the impeded mobility continues to challenge. Therefore, we never squander opportunities that may prove impossible tomorrow.

Blessed to work in an industry that allows generous vacation time and travel deals, we’re off to hike Machu Picchu — an itinerary that has us traipsing some forty miles through the Andes at altitudes exceeding 15,000 feet. We’ve been training, but I’m more harvest hen than spring chicken and hope I haven’t overestimated my prissy-girl parameters to my own detriment. Just praying I’m not the one they strap atop the poor rescue mule.

As this Bag Lady vanishes from the grid for a while, I wish you renewed celebration of life’s true fortunes: Smile ’til your cheeks ache, laugh readily with wild abandon, love yourself and all you touch whilst delighting in your every aspiration! I’ll be hyperventilating beneath celestial Peruvian skies…

Not Goodbye — Just So Long for Now! ♥♥♥

Who’s Your Flight Attendant?


Are they merely cocktail waiters/waitresses in the sky? Folks who took a gander upward one day and started humming “Leaving on a Jet Plane?”

As a twenty-year veteran, I’m still amazed at the variety of professionals the industry attracts. I’ve flown with former doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, teachers, military personnel, and dot-comers — just to name a few.

The gentleman I worked with on my last trip served in law enforcement as a special investigator for forty years. When I asked if he was required to retire from the force at a certain age, he told me that his son had been killed in Iraq in 2007 causing him to reevaluate life in general. This was something he’d always wanted to do — a bucket list item of sorts. At 64, serving passengers and exploring the world is the retirement gift he chose to give himself.

So, next time you’re traveling by plane, spark up a conversation with the flight attendants. You may be surprised and inspired by the path that lead them there.

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