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Dancing on Clouds



Love to me

Is mutually giving and earning respect

Caring so much

I cannot bestow enough

Dancing on clouds I never knew existed

Elevated by an impermeable cocoon

Knowing without a doubt

My search has ended

An enchanting whirlwind beckons

Time accelerates

Months blurring into years

Rallying against life’s curveballs

Strong arms encircle

Offering safe sanctuary

More profound than words

A collaborator in all dreams

A person who believes in me

To match my confidence in them

Commitment forged from trust

No walls

No facades

No games

Peace at last

An environment in which I can aspire to my very best

My today

And every tomorrow imaginable…

Exhaling in the Face of Panic

Mark would eventually convince me to become PADI certified in Tahiti (the things we do for love...)

I grew up with the nickname “Miss Priss.” If an activity involved strapping on special gear, sweating or otherwise messing up my hair — I happily cheered from the sidelines.

I claimed wine-drinking and sunset-watching as “hobbies.” So, when I met my husband and he conveyed his passion for “extreme sports” like sailing and scuba diving, I cringed.

Of course, given the choice between a relatively dry environment with cocktail provisions nearby or stuffing my body into a wetsuit, plastering a mask to my face, and plunging fifty feet underwater — Well, suffice to say, I quickly learned my way around a sailboat.

And while he explored his marine world, I’d idly await his tales from the safety of my beach lounger.

“It’s like being an astronaut down there. Peaceful and weightless, exploring places few will ever get to see,” he exclaimed upon his return one time, flashing a contagious smile.

I drained my Mai Tai, trying to lift the corners of my mouth, but shame enveloped me more thickly than my greasy sunblock layer.

Was I really going to let fear narrow my horizons?

And so it was that I found myself bobbing atop the Pacific Ocean several months later, after a bout of hyperventilation propelled me back to the surface. The dive instructor patiently counseled as I gagged on salt water.

“Never-ever take your regulator out of your mouth. Good. Relax. Excellent. Look at me. Now, I want you to hum ‘my-baby-does-the-hanky-panky’ as we gradually make our way…”

In no position to debate his sanity, I obliged. And, as this silly melody reverberated between my ears, something miraculous occurred: My lungs emptied at a controlled speed, and I refilled them generously in order to continue humming my new favorite tune.

And down I went.

Deeper and deeper.

Exhaling and inhaling in equal measure.

I ultimately earned my PADI certification, but knowing how to reign myself in from panic’s clutches would prove my greatest gain.

Fear shrinks lives daily — ruthlessly leaching possibility, destroying creativity, stalling momentum, and sowing endless doubt:

Have I exhausted all my good ideas?

The odds of success are as slim as being struck by lightning.

Surely I can express myself more succinctly.

Can I tweak my work — yet again — and capture the true essence THIS time?

Who cares what a flight attendant has to say?

Then I hear my dive master’s calming voice, and I fill my lungs to capacity.




Unexpected Friend



Through murky visibility

An unexpected comrade emerges

A friendship I’ve done nothing to earn

Yet a sturdy shoulder patiently awaits

Reaching toward me with such astonishing kindness

My burdens begin to dissipate into the clearing fog

I thank these earthly angels for teaching me the importance

Of maintaining an open heart in life’s tempestuous sea

Because that person with whom you share little in common

The one who seems so different

May well rescue your troubled spirit

Perhaps under the most harrowing conditions





A hand yearns to be held

A smile seeks a worthy recipient

An earnest glance scans the horizon for congenial eyes


A heart aches to hear

Words whispered with such compassion

That light returns to corners long obscured by rejection

Increasing the tempo of a beat diminished by too many goodbyes


A soul eagerly awaits

That extraordinary individual

Willing to plunge headfirst into crashing waves

Despite past failures

Who surfaces with uninhibited gusto

Emotional doors cast wide open

A spirited demeanor that creates a stir even among observers

Prompting them to reevaluate their own cynicism



Could it be you?

Definition of a Day



The span linking one midnight to the next

Earth’s full rotation

A lone card played from time’s thick deck

One thousand four-hundred and forty minutes

What is the definition of a day?

Many overflow with productivity

Some stand out as pinnacles of celebration

While others become hurdles to endure

Counting down the seconds until a new day dawns

Every 24-hour cycle presents an opportunity

 Wills yours be punctuated by a mere handful of exclamation points

Strung together by tedious dashes?

Or will you greet each sunrise with the ravenous curiosity of a child?

As the moments trickle to an end,

Will your lives be a compilation of daring strides?

Or timid steps?

When the bells toll her final song

That choice will have been each of ours to make

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