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Lead Me to Forever



I study the mirror

Doubt marring my reflection

When he says he loves me

Yesterday’s gullible girl swiftly discounts

Sentiments tumbling bravely in candlelit hours

Oft-forgotten by sunrise

When he adds that I’m beautiful

I thwart such flattery

Weary eyes mock

Witness to my journey


Hasty moves

False friends


Deep lines frame a sputtering twinkle

But flatness dominates

Harsh lessons reaping cynical eyes

Yet this weathered heart implores

Booming wildly


I paint on a smile

And turn out the light

Bracing for a final gamble

Trust versus eternal solitude

With trembling arms

I gather scraps of tattered faith

Praying he’ll prove different


Renew my belief in love

And lead me to forever…

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25 thoughts on “Lead Me to Forever

  1. Dang, another great and poignant post. Thanks for stirring my soul, maybe it’s time for me to write poetry!

  2. Your unwavering support and warm compliments stir my soul! A simple “Thank you” can’t convey the depth of my gratitude. I would looove to read your poetry…

  3. ericmvogt on said:

    My dear Lady, you have written a great poem! I was thinking you were going to go into dark waters with hidden icebergs and I was saying to myself, “O, how I need a positive current on this crazy thing we call love right now!” Then, zip, zap you took us to the sunny Caribbean, changed the flow and tone and ended up on a positive note… Which proves to me that Hope, indeed, floats. 😉 Loved it! Look forward to your next trip!

    • My Dearest Mr. Vogt (aka: master of words),
      What a magical way you have of summarizing…You’re always welcome on the journey. I so appreciate your wonderful comments and wit!!

  4. Great poem! At the end it gave love a chance – that’s what we need to do 🙂

    • Depending on the depth of the wounds, the allure of cowering behind one’s protective wall can be tempting — but the bleakest hour is always followed by dawn…Thanks for your ever-gracious support!

  5. ericmvogt on said:

    Love this thought of another chance with the sunset, which is actually the beginning of many people’s days, not an end. 🙂

  6. ericmvogt on said:

    oops, that was for the poem on sunsets… technical difficulty with the operator (me)! 😉

  7. I’ll graciously accept your kind words — regardless where you post them! 🙂

  8. I nominated you for awards. You can go to and pick them up. Naturally, there are rules. Congratulations.

  9. I love this! Thank you for writing so beautifully.

  10. Your kindness warms my heart…Thank YOU!

  11. I have Nominated your Blog for the Blog Of The year 2012 Award! For more details…… Congratulations!

  12. You’ve left me speechless… And for this nomination to come from my number one inspirational indulgence?? Wow! Gratitude is flooding every fiber of my being. Thank you my Dearest Wendy! xo

  13. Wow, what a poem…was that my own reflection I saw in your words? I particularly loved these lines,

    ” Deep lines frame a sputtering twinkle

    But flatness dominates”


  14. Thanks for taking your precious time to share your kind thoughts. Thanks to Eric, I found YOU…I can’t wait to read more of your words! xo

  15. Hi Luggage Lady, Nice Poem. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ Spirituality’. The Foureyed Poet.

  16. You write beautifully. Thank you for letting me find you! 🙂

  17. This is a really amazing poem!! It reflects the feelings so purely and clearly. i couldnt have found these words by myself. i love this poem.

  18. Thank you for placing a huge smile in my heart with your kindness!!

  19. Another stunning post. I admire and love how you play a bass line that adds depth even when there are lighter notes. I agree with your reader above whose favorite line is “Deep lines frame a sputtering twinkle…” but that’s tied with ” With trembling arms/ I gather scraps of tattered faith….” Knockout! Yay for choosing opennness to love. Xo

  20. I stand in awe of your continuous praise. Your generous heart has helped diminish a few of those deep lines for certain. 😉

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