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Not Goodbye — Just So Long for Now


I remember lugging my backpack around Europe in the summer of ’88, enviously eyeballing the tour operators in their air-conditioned buses and thinking, must be nice. Soon though, it became clear that those peering from behind the fancy tinted windows were limited to staged visits at predetermined sites — extemporaneous exploration excluded. At twenty-one, immortality remained a reality but a wisp of doubt lingered: Perhaps bucket list pursuits came with a use-by date?

When I met my husband, he sported a fused ankle bone with a few steel screws drilled in for good measure (a youthful act of…let’s just say a lapse in judgment he’ll never forget). Besides triggering airport security (ever spy that airline captain standing spread-eagle?😜 ), the impeded mobility continues to challenge. Therefore, we never squander opportunities that may prove impossible tomorrow.

Blessed to work in an industry that allows generous vacation time and travel deals, we’re off to hike Machu Picchu — an itinerary that has us traipsing some forty miles through the Andes at altitudes exceeding 15,000 feet. We’ve been training, but I’m more harvest hen than spring chicken and hope I haven’t overestimated my prissy-girl parameters to my own detriment. Just praying I’m not the one they strap atop the poor rescue mule.

As this Bag Lady vanishes from the grid for a while, I wish you renewed celebration of life’s true fortunes: Smile ’til your cheeks ache, laugh readily with wild abandon, love yourself and all you touch whilst delighting in your every aspiration! I’ll be hyperventilating beneath celestial Peruvian skies…

Not Goodbye — Just So Long for Now! ♥♥♥

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22 thoughts on “Not Goodbye — Just So Long for Now

  1. Bon voyage, LL!! Psyched for you on your latest adventure and, as always, totally inspired by your big spirit AND sense of humor (will steal the harvest hen line, thank you :)). Will be sending out the cheerleading and love vibe to you as I perform tonight and dance my harvest hen tail feathers off in the coming weeks/months. Rock on, girlfriend. LOVE, Chloe

    • I survived — barely 😉 with your loving/supportive thoughts percolating through my head! Here’s to harvest hens who never stop shaking our tail feathers!! Ha! Can’t wait to catch up. LOVING HUGS right back to you Sweet Chloe…

      • LL!!!! So great to hear from you and about your achievement and adventure! Can’t even count the number of times I’ve sent a positive vibe up and out in all directions (my sense of direction has never been a strong suit :)) in the past weeks, hoping to to cheer you on. Cannot wait to hear and read more, once you’ve caught your breath. Have missed you and your wondrous posts! Welcome home. xoxo

  2. So long and Auf Wiedersehen. Sounds like a wonderful travel adventure for gypsies, hens and other traveling fowls 🙂 Have a wonderful time, take lots of pics to share please and savor the journey. Maybe you’ll even have an adventure or mis-adventure or two to share!

    Happy and safe travels, your cyber friend, Brad

    • Ah, there were definitely moments when I felt/smelt like traveling fowl — ha! So much to share…it will take some time to generate words that do it justice. Thank you for your support. Means the world to me! 🙂

  3. We are going to go there this summer, and I am looking forward to hearing all about where you went, what you saw, how you trained. Have a wonderful journey, and a safe return!

    • Dearest Naomi, Thank you so very much for your kind wishes! We ventured with Mountain Lodges of Peru, which is a small (only 12 hikers and 2 guides) operation. It is an incredibly unique way of arriving into Machu Picchu, but there are many different paths, including of course, the “famous” portion of the Inca Trail. We began training in January and hiked around 70 miles (at sea level). The altitude was the biggest challenge, but we survived with only minor headaches. Words cannot do justice to the views. This was by far one of the most spectacular things I have done in my entire life. I promise you will LOVE and be deeply impacted regardless of which route you take!! 🙂

  4. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Good luck, be safe and we look forward to hearing about your adventure when you return.

  5. Have fun, be safe, come back and most of all … I WILL MISS YOU! ❤

  6. Happy trekking, looking forward to hearing about the adventure!

  7. My mom and Pop never said Goodbye when parting – they always said be careful. It used to bother me until I realized that “Be Careful” was actually “I love you and I want to see you again.” So I echo everyone’s sentiments above and pray God’s blessing upon you (Harvest Hen!) and all going with you, have a great time, and be careful. – Mosk (Overcautious Chicken)

    • My Dearest Mosk, Your gracious prayers were deeply appreciated! We survived!! A truly life-changing excursion. Thank you for sharing such beautiful sentiments from your parents. I have always struggled with the word “goodbye.” Glad to be back and look forward to catching up! Hugs and Blessings to YOU!

  8. Have a wonderful time! Be safe and enjoy! Packing my bags to go in another direction…XX

  9. please bring me back a poem or two or more – godspeed ;`)

  10. Wishing you a wonderful and touching experience!! It’s gonna be amazing! Soak up every single soul-bursting moment. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. 🙂 xo

    • I so appreciate your wishes! It was indeed a wondrous, soul-bursting experience!! Hoping this finds you well…I have much catching up to do. Huge hugs to you and your precious love. XO

  11. Hi luggagelady. Not my idea of fun. Hope all went well. Thank you for liking my poems ‘ The Ambulance and Waiting’. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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