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Sweet Wanderlust


The world enraptures

With spellbinding possibility

Spontaneous adventure ever-beckoning

Enchanting souls await your acquaintance

Charming with their

Inspiring architecture

Mesmerizing art

And impromptu street music

Rousing senses

Revitalizing spirits

An open invitation:

Come this way, dear friend

Devour uncharted terrain, cultures, and cuisine

With boundless intrigue

Savoring how each new experience

Kindles personal reinvention

Whether distant or near

May sweet wanderlust spark

Every footfall of your journey…


🌎 🌎 🌎

As I pack for a whirlwind tour of Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Québec City, & Montreal, I leave you with Khalil Gibran’s lovely words:

“For the breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind…Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” ♥ LL




Travel’s Lingering Grasp



Wisdom and appreciation accumulate, obliterating preconceived notions and expanding one’s senses with each new venture. A foreign land brings endless unknowns, quickly leveling the playing field. Ego is stripped away. You may be a successful (fill in the blank) in your homeland, but here? Here, you are just an explorer with curiosity as your compass and the incredible opportunity to delight in the spirit of the world’s populace.

Travel has bestowed timeless gifts, the magic of each journey leaving a permanent impression on my soul. I’ve experienced unparalleled hospitality, cultural pride, generous smiles from impoverished strangers (selflessly offering the one thing they could), unwavering determination, majestic landscapes, unique sounds smells and flavors. I’ve been catapulted thousands of years backward in time, touring churches, castles, palaces, museums, and ruins. History lures me beneath her vast wing again and again, a humbling reminder that we are mere transients whose stories unfold far too fast.


Who’s Your Flight Attendant?


Are they merely cocktail waiters/waitresses in the sky? Folks who took a gander upward one day and started humming “Leaving on a Jet Plane?”

As a twenty-year veteran, I’m still amazed at the variety of professionals the industry attracts. I’ve flown with former doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, teachers, military personnel, and dot-comers — just to name a few.

The gentleman I worked with on my last trip served in law enforcement as a special investigator for forty years. When I asked if he was required to retire from the force at a certain age, he told me that his son had been killed in Iraq in 2007 causing him to reevaluate life in general. This was something he’d always wanted to do — a bucket list item of sorts. At 64, serving passengers and exploring the world is the retirement gift he chose to give himself.

So, next time you’re traveling by plane, spark up a conversation with the flight attendants. You may be surprised and inspired by the path that lead them there.

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