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Harmony Begins With Me

Travel-wormhole“Peace begins not with countries, not with nations, and not with governments. Peace begins with you. Peace begins with me. Peace begins with each of us. It is within us.” ~ Prem Rawat


Wandering foreign back roads

Sans news bombarding me from every angle

Away from depressing snippets and soundbites

Construed to perpetuate division and unrest

I’m blissfully off the grid

Society’s maladies forgotten

Replaced by a celebration of shared commonalities

Soaking up universal love

Strangers morphing into new friends

Eager to share stories of their homelands

Time condenses

A single afternoon reshaping my heart

Strolling enchanting cobblestone streets

Swapping mutually respectful gazes

Studying exotic features

Stunningly unique

Appreciating cultural nuances

Savoring the international pulse

Rather than having it interpreted for me

I’m reminded

Peace is not something wished for from a distance

But rather an empowering choice made with each encounter

Whether thousands of miles from home

Or in my own backyard

I must give my best

While seeking the same in others

Or risk living a sad life

Where I’m continuously offended

Immediately jumping to conclusions

Making examples out of every deemed wrongdoer

Leaving a dense cloud of negativity in my wake

Dearest Universe

Please draw me upward

Whenever I’m tempted to fly so low

Please open my eyes to just howΒ rewarding life can be

When I remember

I’m obligated to find peace within my own heart

Because harmony begins with me…


**photo from our recent Balkans adventure: Sibiu, Romania

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28 thoughts on “Harmony Begins With Me

  1. Beautifully eloquent Shauna. You continually touch my heart with your words. You are a cultural ambassador for peace, travel and unity. I appreciate you and am a little envious of your travel. πŸ™‚ hugs and blessings my friend.

  2. a beautiful comfort today and much needed—oh yes to be traveling!!!
    Be safe—Julie

  3. Kelly Kimbrel on said:

    LUV you to the moon and back! No apologies needed to any of us. We are truly blessed by you and your words.

    • Counting my blessings over and over for the privilege of having lovely souls like you in my life! LUV coming back to you tenfold my cherished Sky Angel! βœˆπŸ’–

  4. Oh, Shauna, your soaring words, so generous, so full of hope and possibility, move me to tears. I love how you weave the realistic details from your far flung experiences with very lofty notions. Thank you so much, truly, for sharing your beautiful, powerful soul with us. In short: I LOVE YOU!!!! Shine on, sister. xoxo

    • You, my treasured soul sister, set such a brilliant example for the rest of us, tirelessly spreading sunshine and light everywhere you go…Overwhelmed by the gift of your friendship and love!!!! Positive energy, hugs, and sooooo much LOVE coming right back to you. β™₯

  5. What a beautiful post, lovely! I’ll be happily waiting for more! xoxo

    • Equally lovely is seeing your gorgeous face here! Hope you’re savoring every magical moment in your divine Swedish world. I’m popping over to catch up with you soon… xo

  6. The peace in your heart was shared beautifully through this post. I enjoyed reading it, thank you.

    • Oh how I love when a delightful blogger I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading shows up on my page!!! So happy to have you here — and so eager to visit your lovely blog. Thank YOU!!!

  7. Shauna, I too am in a very challenging, busy phase of Life and not been blogging as my usual. I know you just came from Petals and are probably asking: What is she talking about? The majority of what I do within WP is found on others’ blogs, not on Petals itself, and this is what I have not been able to do. Comment. Like this.
    Your poem made me weep, for your Heart is heard so loud and clear within your words. What a beautiful woman you truly are, both inside and out! The Walk of Peace does begin with us, yet, when we walk that Road in the world, much too often, that world rebukes us. I encourage you to keep on walking Peace, no matter what, for it is exactly what this world needs if it is going to survive the insanity that is so prevalent in today’s world. My Soul just sank within your words, deeply drinking, and for this I really really thank you. It really has been tough going for me of late. I came to an Oasis here. Bless you! (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

    • First of all, I’m sending you waves of positive energy and uplifting thoughts for all the challenges you’re enduring. Your enormous heart and inspiring words have been a wonderful oasis for me too. This entire blogging community is such a loving place for me to recharge, which is why I feel badly when I don’t participate as often as I’d like.

      As for the state of our world and the desire to make a difference, one interaction at a time — yes, I may be a bit naive/simpleminded (as someone recently pointed out), and I certainly don’t wish to suggest that the brutality being waged against so many helpless victims around the world can be resolved with a smile and kind word. But I do know that living in a state of angry helplessness where I constantly repeat the negativity, or start seeing myself as a victim of disrespect/indifference is NOT the answer — particularly in this country where our blessings & opportunities are many. I believe Eleanor Roosevelt stated it best when she said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” If I live my days with this mantra inside my head, while simultaneously putting my best foot forward, I’m rarely disappointed. Unfortunately, some take offense at the smallest slight, building their cases, defenses, & animosity until their lives are reduced to a joyless existence. Their actions do nothing to solve the issue they claim to have, only perpetrating more ill will. It’s truly heartbreaking to watch, but alas, I can only control one person’s choices: little old me…

      Thank you for your most generous love and for being such a beautiful light in this world, Dear Amy!!πŸ’•

      • I had a gorgeous reply to you and I lost it. Let me sum up what I said. The heaviness is lifting. As for you, don’t change. Your Light is beautiful and so bright and what others say about you … NOT your problem. Change happens one person at a time. And that is how this world will once again hum to the Song of Love. Staying True to yourself is your Sacred Right. And by not getting pulled into the negativity that is so prevalent in today’s world, will not strengthen it. Keep being kind. Take as many breaks as you can away from this world. I for example plan on escaping from it with camera today to just get lost in Mother. This world will do its very best to tear your JOY from you … to live in a JOYless state is hell on earth. NO! I will keep you close to me in my Heart and think of you often as you fly the skies. I am so honored that our paths have crossed. You give my HOPE that this world truly will one day flow to the Song of Love.
        Have a wonderful weekend, Shauna!!! Bless you for all you are doing!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

  8. Lovely post. Peace is such a precious commodity. And we only give peace if we have peace.Thanks for being such an inspiration. Always happy to hear from you. Keep the light shining.

    • SO very true, my Dearest Ngobesing! Reminds me of a quote I read yesterday: “The world is transformed by those who love all people, just as you love yourself.” ~ Lao Tzu : Tao Te Ching

      Peace and love go hand-in-hand oh-so-beautifully. Thank you for being here and putting a smile in my heart as you so easily do!!!

  9. Awe I love your header photo! It looks like you are covering a lot of ground! I love your beautiful posts and heart touching shares! Keep up the peace loving, soul searching work! πŸ˜„blessings to you and rest! πŸ˜„πŸ’œ

    • Thank you so very much, Lovely Lady!!!! And I enjoy following your magical journies when I have a WiFi connection and the pleasure of seeing them!!! Blessings coming back to you, tenfold…xoxo

  10. This post radiates peace and harmony, deeply rooted in your heart, Shauna. All the wishes you express here are my wishes too. Simply beautiful and uplifting.

    • Welcome back from your vacation, Tiny — sounds like a fabulous time was enjoyed!! Delighted to share the same wishes for the world & life with someone as wonderful as you! β™₯

  11. I love this. Just amazing.

  12. Beautiful and “Peace is not something wished for from a distance

    But rather an empowering choice made with each encounter” a powerful reminder!

  13. Great post! Love the HARMONY! β™₯

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