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The Ride of Life

Life…the roller coaster we all must ride, yet we hold the keys. Or do we? How many people stall, waiting desperately for the tattooed operations man, the frowning clown — anyone — to push their buttons?

Life…it just happens. A trip with no itinerary, a journey without a map, a tome of blank pages staring back at us. No one asks if we want to be born. There is no interview, no preference card on which to notate desired selections, just a seed planted without our consent. Someone has thirty some-odd weeks to prepare for our arrival, but for us it’s one giant surprise.

We start out warm and safe, contented creatures indulging in a nine-month all-inclusive vacation. Perhaps that old-fashioned slap on the newborn’s bottom served more as a reality check (wake up the party’s over!) than a breathing tactic.

It is at this moment, when we realize we have joined the ranks of the earthlings, that our ride squeaks and sputters into motion.

Manners and Closed Toilet Lids


Observation:  Humans who are gracious enough to incorporate words like “please” and “thank you” into their daily interactions are more apt to close the toilet lid.

Sure, there’s the Feng Shui ideology about exposed toilet bowls serving as vortexes that suck prosperity away, but some people simply adhere to common decency.

I salute these considerate individuals, the ones who never think twice about leaving a place better than they found it. Whether closing toilet lids, tidying up before departing an area, or displaying heartfelt manners — THANK YOU — for enhancing the civility of our world!

Human Widgets



Crowded sidewalks

A surprising break from the norm

In the tunnel of life

The human widget

Lost in the masses

A complete stranger


For a fleeting moment feels close

Touches your life

Makes it better

Without whispering a single word

A simple smile shared

Check That Baggage


It captured headlines for quite some time:  Unhappy passengers grousing over mounting airline fees. The latest revenue generator being “baggage.” A bit of an oxymoron, I concur. It’s not like a drink or a meal. I mean, who can travel from point A to point B without all their “stuff?”

And yet, how many of us crying foul over this money-making tactic willingly cart around our own crate of emotional baggage without thinking twice about the cost? I’m not suggesting we merely forgive and forget. It’s about respecting ourselves — regardless of childhood wounds, or other miscellaneous cruelty that life has dumped onto our plates. Sure, we all have our crosses to bear, but allowing those burdens to anchor us in Grudge Harbor is both a huge price to pay — and a choice.

As Eleanor Roosevelt so eloquently stated: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Choose wisely, each step of your magical journey…

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