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Hearts Shielded by Anonymity


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Someone recently told me, “There are two types in this world: friendly people and busy people.”

I was perplexed. Segregating two admirable traits appeared paradoxical. Keep in mind, I was raised by entrepreneurs whose mantra still is: “The harder you work, the luckier you become.” Of equal importance, was being kind and respectful to every single person along the way.

Clearly, I embarked upon adulthood sporting some rather thick rose-colored glasses. A hefty dosage of chilled reception would quickly dim their hue. At least now I had a tangible explanation. Apparently, the fundamental demands of existence left some folks — otherwise engaged. That wouldn’t stop me from throwing my heart in the ring.

Still, when basic attempts to connect with humanity falter, crawling into a dark cave can be tempting. I mean, who would even ponder putting themselves out there on a more intimate level? Whether seeking love or sharing an impassioned endeavor, baring one’s soul in anticipation of acknowledgment is a gut-wrenching pursuit.

Yet, as the days grow shorter, I wonder who teeters in their rockers mulling fewer regrets. Those who squinted into the blaze of indifference, risking ridicule by bravely belting out their songs? Or those who cautiously averted their gazes — hearts shielded by anonymity?

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23 thoughts on “Hearts Shielded by Anonymity

  1. From my experience it hurts more to hold back from life. but sometimes that’s all we can do. A smile or help from a friend can help us open and reach out to life.

  2. What a beautiful, but sad post.

  3. Absolutely awesome. The brave blazers if course. And it’s our job to help them see-:) continue to BE the beautiful light you already are my friend!

  4. Dear Friend, I really liked this because it affirms a basic human truth: everyone is worth knowing and even the coldest (read: busiest, meanest, etc.) can be warmed by the love of human interaction- even if that action is the simple act of acknowledging them. I write – that is, I express- because I do feel that each of us has something unique to contribute (that no one else can contribute) and if we keep that hidden away, then the world is all the poorer for it.

    I write and write, and leave them in notebooks, boxes, books, etc. and I hope after I am long gone, they continue to be found and I hope they continue to (hopefully) amuse and inspire.

    Yours was a glorious write, indeed. Loved it. 🙂 your pal, Moskowitz

    • My Dearest Moskowitz, Thank you for your lovely, optimistic interpretation. May you and all courageous souls never cease enriching the world in whatever spirited manner possible…

  5. “squinted into the blaze of indifference” is awesome! That’s my goal. Yes I’ll get more wrinkles – but I’ll have a full heart as I rock away on that future porch… Great post!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  6. Aww, thanks, Wendy! I couldn’t agree with you more — I’ll trade a full heart for wrinkles ANY old day. Here’s to regret-free rocking down the line… 🙂

  7. thinking about what i will be thinking about from my old rocker when i’m a wrinkled ole lady is the thing that inspires me to live it up now! beautiful post!! 🙂

  8. Which is my wish for everyone! Sadly, far too many people are worried about “what others think.” I hope our hearts are so full that we have to cradle them in our laps as we rock…Here’s to a life overflowing with incredible moments of diving in headfirst, dear Liz! 🙂

  9. Scott Bell on said:

    Shauna, you have such an artistic way with words. Always amazing, uplifting, and inspiring; mesmerizing, even.

  10. WOW! Mr. Bell?? To say you’ve left me a bit verklempt is an understatement. Such supportive kindness — coming from a dear old friend across the folds of time — fills my heart in ways that words cannot adequately express. Gulp. My gratitude is endless…

    • Scott Bell on said:

      De rien, mon amie! Hiya, Shauna; and happy New Year. Thought of you often over the years. It’s good to see that life is treating you well. You have quite the way with words; I’m jealous … I have an unfulfilled desire to be a writer myself. Well, you keep writing them and I’ll keep reading them 🙂

      • Dear Scott, Such a privilege to reconnect, if only in cyberspace. 😉 I am so happy for you and your life (beautiful family) as well. I bet you’re a fantastic/soulful writer. I’m terrified each and every time I press the “publish” button…and all the while I’m supposed to be working on my novel — eek! Please stay in touch; it means the world to me!! xoxo

  11. Yes, I like that way of putting it — that remaining anonymous often feels safer than expression — although there are so many elaborate ways people (including me sometimes) disguise their desire for anonymity behind a facade of humility or realism.

  12. I absolutely agree with you, and yet the idea of living “safely” leaves me feeling sad and empty. It is my wish that no one settle for such a meaningless existence, And, although it seems that no one cares at times and that it is perhaps an exercise in futility, we must do this for ourselves…

  13. As an artist I veer towards the ‘squinting into the blaze of indifference’, and thought that indifference is often hard to take, those moments when you connect with another soul make the hardship worth it. Lovely post.

  14. I share your viewpoint completely. Thanks for being one of those beautiful connections!!

  15. I Love It!! Can you imagine how beautiful this world would be if we all stood tall…”Bravely belting out our songs” in authenticity??? I shall hold that vision in my heart…and do my best to sing bravely and boldly in my own amazing way!! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring us Luggagelady!!! I HONOR YOU!!!

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