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Definition of a Day



The span linking one midnight to the next

Earth’s full rotation

A lone card played from time’s thick deck

One thousand four-hundred and forty minutes

What is the definition of a day?

Many overflow with productivity

Some stand out as pinnacles of celebration

While others become hurdles to endure

Counting down the seconds until a new day dawns

Every 24-hour cycle presents an opportunity

 Wills yours be punctuated by a mere handful of exclamation points

Strung together by tedious dashes?

Or will you greet each sunrise with the ravenous curiosity of a child?

As the moments trickle to an end,

Will your lives be a compilation of daring strides?

Or timid steps?

When the bells toll her final song

That choice will have been each of ours to make

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4 thoughts on “Definition of a Day

  1. I really enjoyed reading this poem. I believe a day is whatever each of us want to make of it. I attempt to fill my days with “One thousand four-hundred and forty minutes” of wonder. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for taking some of those precious minutes to visit my blog! 😉 Your attitude is brilliant — I try to do the same. Here’s a toast: “to a lifetime of unlimited wonder…”

  3. Beautiful. Especially need to remind myself to cultivate “the ravenous curiosity of a child”-gorgeous phrase. xoxo

  4. Don’t we all… xo 😀

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