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Unexpected Friend



Through murky visibility

An unexpected comrade emerges

A friendship I’ve done nothing to earn

Yet a sturdy shoulder patiently awaits

Reaching toward me with such astonishing kindness

My burdens begin to dissipate into the clearing fog

I thank these earthly angels for teaching me the importance

Of maintaining an open heart in life’s tempestuous sea

Because that person with whom you share little in common

The one who seems so different

May well rescue your troubled spirit

Perhaps under the most harrowing conditions

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7 thoughts on “Unexpected Friend

  1. A touching reminder. It leaves me wanting to know more about who, how they helped, etc. maybe that was your plan!

  2. I wish I could claim needing the help of just one 😉 but I have been blessed with the goodwill of so many that I can only share my feelings and pray these sentiments will somehow touch those generous souls who lift others up every day — JUST because they can… Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read and comment!

  3. Thank you for recently stopping and following my blog. This poem is a reminder of the way community is built and the sentiment is powerful. I look forward to following your adventures.

    Take care,


  4. Thank you Ivon! Please come along anytime…I love your “Teacher as Transformer” concept and can’t wait to read more of your wise insight!

  5. Lovely poem 🙂 Thank you for submitting it to Artists 4 Peace for our August monthly post on Friendship. I will post this to A4P on 8/15 🙂


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