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To My Cherished Airline Passengers,


First of all, I want to thank you for making my job so rewarding. Many of you have visited my galley to share tales of love, loss, hope, heroism, military sacrifice, business innovations, health hurdles, medical miracles, travel recommendations, and lifelong dreams. I treasure every inspiring conversation, laugh, and occasional tear we’ve shared. I strive to ensure your journey is enjoyable and stress-free. So, when you leave my airplane smiling, it warms the cockles of my heart.

Aviators tend to be perfectionists, and my husband is no exception. He prides himself on thorough communication, comfortable cabin conditions, and flying finesse. If he can grease his landing for you, it makes his day. He wants you to walk off his aircraft relaxed, knowing your safety and well-being will always be paramount.

We’re a seamless team, looking out for you and each other on every single flight. When emergencies arise, we have each other’s backs more than ever. I may work with different crewmates each week — but the paradigm never changes.

Add to this synergy, the way you selflessly volunteer when we need medical assistance or respond in some other gallant manner — like the time two of you saved me from hitting the ceiling during clear air turbulence — and you can understand why it’s devastating to have the trust between us compromised.

I don’t wish to marginalize disturbing incidents that capture the headlines. I just want to assure you that, as perplexing as these stories are, it only reinforces our bond. We’re truly in this together. Which is why every time my colleagues and I welcome you aboard, we seek to honor your loyalty by providing the same caliber of service we’d hope to receive when sitting in your seat.


Luggage Lady

* * *

Dedicated to the beautiful souls of Germanwings flight #9525 — we carry 💗you💗 in our hearts, always…

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37 thoughts on “To My Cherished Airline Passengers,

  1. Nice reminders Shauna. I’m glad you have our back! 🙂

  2. LL, You make me wanna FLY, girlfriend! What a beautiful, moving tribute: to your passengers and to your and so many other crews. Your generosity and goodwill light up every one of your splendid words, my friend–the perfect reflection of a soul bursting with grace. Thank you for the comfort and inspiration that you are. xoxo

    • That’s it — my Dearest Chloe — Mark and I are going to charter a private jet and bring your beautiful shining spirit to the west coast! Thank YOU for being the wind beneath my wings so very often! 💗

  3. What a wonderful “hug” you have given those who fly–with you and to those who fly with others—compassion and empathy are both such a huge part of a job such as yours–one that has direct access to the public and particularly yielding to the fact that you are entrusted with their care and safe delivery.
    As a lifelong educator, I spent my life working with a team of adults entrusted with the care, shaping and nurturing of the public’s youth—like it or not, teachers are surrogate parents–like it or not the airlines finds themselves in similar roles as they care for children who fly alone, the bereft traveling to say good-bye, the broken hearted, the excited, the young individuals embarking on new jobs and lives, the daily business traveler just trying to make a living, the adventurer and nomad amongst us—you are charged with their wellbeing and care–despite those who take advantage of the situation–as you care for them as well—
    Here’s it is indeed to the flight crews who see us here, there and yon—Thank you for what YOU do for us, the public—
    Happy Travels—Julie

    • What a perfect analogy. The teaching field is incredibly fortunate to have compassionate souls like yours bettering our world every single day. Thank you for your eloquent words and kindness. Such a pleasure to have you here!!

  4. This is so beautiful and makes me want to grab a tissue !!! Thank you my ” sky angel ” xoxo

    • When I think of ALL the times you’ve looked out for me and been there for me, I’m left speechless. Whatever I did to deserve your amazing love, I continue to be astonished by your selfless heart. YOU are proof that angels really do walk among us!!! 💕

  5. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words on said:

    I always think of you when I cross paths with and airline story,
    Prayers are whispered on the wind for the job you do and handle with such grace.
    Thank you for being you ….That Matters more than you know
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Your beautiful words and prayers mean the world to me! Thank you for adding such a lovely, uplifting sparkle to all you touch! 🌹

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words on said:

        🙂 You’re Welcome….
        Thank you for your kind energy you always share…that matters alot
        Take care…You Matter…

  6. What a lovely post, LL. Just back from my latest travels this evening. I’ve always felt safe flying and well taken care of. And I’ve exchanged many stories in galleys, particularly on longer flights. Incomprehensible tragedies can happen anywhere on this earth. Hoping to walk into your galley one day ❤

    • I so appreciate your optimism and confidence, Tiny. How much fun would we have if I should have the grand fortune of welcoming YOU into my galley once day??? Never say never…I wish you continued wonderful journeys! 😘

  7. Dormis Aeternitas on said:

    The world is full of dedicated people in the airlines like you and your husband. My cousin flew a jumbo jet for decades for a major airline. Unfortunately, we usually only hear about the crazy ones. I don’t think you can stop crazy people in any field from bizarre acts such as this. To some extent you must trust the other guy/gal in all modes of travel. You trust the person coming towards you at 65 MPH in a car on the highway – that they are under control, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and not trying to commit hari-kari with an auto. These events are mindless and very sad. Your post is great! I would fly into hell with both of you, as long as it was a round-trip flight. 🙂

    • Thank you for the magnificent dose of logic here! Indeed, one must trust in this life — or never leave their house! And “crazy” most certainly does not discriminate…You’re last line made my heart dance. We’d be honored to have your brilliant soul on one of our flights!!!!! 💗✈

  8. Lovely post. Thanks for being so nice.

    • Still counting my blessings for finding you. What a remarkable and inspiring person you are!!

      • Thank you Luggage Lady! You definitely have no idea how I perceive you. You are a very admirable and charming young lady in my eyes. One of my blessings in life has been interacting a lot with younger people than me from whom I have always drawn a more youthful out look in life. Also, from their treasure of faith, courage and confidence, i draw inspiration. So you can see, if I inspire you it is thanks to the inspiration I draw from people like you. You inspire me to inspire you. My prayer for you is that the beauty in your lovely heart may continue to bloom! Spend as much time as you can on this blog and you will love it all the time. The reason is I depend totally on God to lead me to give just what will help my readers become the best that they can ever be.

      • My Dearest Ngobesing, My heart overflows from your gracious words. Your beautiful prayer for me brought tears to my eyes and reaffirmed what an amazing world we have. I thank you — and God — for sending me the precious gift of your benevolent spirit!!

      • Thank you Luggage Lady. We I think of you I recall the amazing ladies I met in the plane when I travel. You may not know but you are a great inspiration. What a great blessing to find people like you who fill me with a high sense of self worth! I will always pray that your light may shine brighter and brighter everyday.

  9. What beautiful and touching post! I would be honored to fly with you and your team. xoxo

  10. This was so wonderful to get a look into the “other side” of what those of you who work in the airline industry experience and are thinking. Thank you for this.

  11. What a touching, beautiful post ~ I feel the same way about all of you when I fly. We all share in the experience of the flight and I love it when everyone is kind and nice to everyone else. I think it’s the way you view and accomplish your job sets us all at ease ~ thanks for being an angel of the sky ~ and thanks to your hubby for driving the angels to land safely at their destinations! ♥

    • YOU are truly a beautiful, uplifting spirit, and I cherish our connection! I will carry your incredibly kind words in my heart on the tough days. Thank you for being such a lovely light in our world — indeed, shining on and on and on!!! 💞

  12. all I can add: love you, guys… ❤ admiration and respect, my very best and fly safely! 🙂

    • You ALWAYS put a smile on my face — You’re simply the best, Dear Mélanie!! xoxo

      • you’re genuinely sweet – as usually… ❤ well, I'm NOT "simply the best", but I do like Tina Turner's song… 🙂 I'd rather put a smile on people's faces than a grin or sadness… 😉 my blog's name says it all… I’m not living in a ‘teddybear land'(sic!), but I refuse and I avoid to complain about life, as it’s boring, vain and useless… 🙂 I don’t hold any absolute truth, I don’t try to impose myself, to give lessons, to prove or to show off anything, both virtually or/and in real life. After all, I’m not a ‘facebook status’ or a ‘blog post’ to be liked, so I quote a close and “old” US-friend:”take me, accept me or leave me, but remember this: if you leave me, it’s gonna be your loss, not mine!” – so:”Qui m’aime, me suive!” – “Who likes me, (will) follow me!”(Philippe VI de Valois) 😀
        * * *
        take care & friendly hugs… ❤ bon courage & bonne chance, pretty gal! 🙂

  13. Aw, Shauna, what a heart touching, Loving post. It is a shame I don’t travel much for if I did, I would want to travel with you. Thank you for making traveling a pleasant experience for those who fly with you. You are awesome!!! Love, Amy

  14. Wow. How do airline attendants manage to smile all the time – anytime, any moment. I am amazed and also while having to work so hard for care and service and ensuring comfort. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your kind visit, Venkat! It’s easy to smile when I’m afforded opportunities to cross paths with lovely souls — like yours!!!

      • Thanks 🙂 Somehow I tend to think that every soul is lovely by nature but we need some amazing eyes to notice and remember that each time!!! Keep writing…and continue the journey…

  15. Hi Luggage Lady. That was awful. I cannot understand those who have to take others when they can face life no more. I don’t like flying or heights. Planes to me are fragile flying objects. But life is fragile and we just have to face one day at a time. I’m sure you and your husbands flights must be truly special. Thank you for liking my poem Truth! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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