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Elevating Tomorrow by Eclipsing Yesterday


The only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.”


Gracefully intent

You tango

Enviable posture


On life’s populous dance floor

Melody and motion seamlessly unite

Snappy maneuvers building momentum

Heightening experience

Crescendo nearing


Scheming arms stealthily encircle

Partnering you with self-defeat

Incessant comparisons truncating potential

A plethora of privileged souls sashay along the promenade

Born inanely gifted

Bearing silver-spooned advantage

Society’s favorites

Slated for success

Gobbling all the prizes

Why bother?

Apathetic legs lock




But the stars wait…

Yearning for the brush of your fingertips

As you reach skyward


To foster your own dreams

Rather than covet another’s

Chance after gutsy chance

Digging deep

Summoning your song

Mastering its unique beat

Toppling your best

And still



Elevating Tomorrow by Eclipsing Yesterday

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24 thoughts on “Elevating Tomorrow by Eclipsing Yesterday

  1. Yes, yes, yes!! How beautifully, generously and eloquently you sing and dance your wonderful wisdom and inspiration, LL! Love the evocative music and dance imagery, of course. Completely surprised and knocked over by those “scheming stealthy arms”–why do they so often show up stealthily and encircle and undermine?! Bad dance partner :(. Especially love: “But the stars wait…./ Yearning for the brush of your fingertips….” Ahhhhhhh, lovely and true. Thank you, thank you for scattering some of your joyful stardust on my grateful morning, LL. Shine on, baby. Xoxo

    • πŸ’ƒ, I should’ve ended this post with a dedication to YOU! Because the more I noodled around with the words, the flatter they became. Moments away from pressing the delete button, I thought: What would Chloe do? Why she’d dance — of course!!!!!! Off came my slippers and on went my heels. Clearly visualizing the strength, focus and discipline every dancer must possess — while still battling the same demons as us common folk. πŸ˜‰

      And so, I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for inspiring the willful courage to climb back on that stage. Standing tall with arms overhead, poking star after star…after star. XO

      • Wow. You certainly know how to take my breath away….gone! Along with my words….

        Truly, LL, I am sitting here with a facial thunderstorm: jaw hanging open in surprise, lips smiling in delight, eyes filling moved to tears. While your beautiful tribute humbles me, you’ve done all the heavy lifting here, oh so talented girlfriend. I am deeply honored and grateful to stand, er dance, by your side :). Shine on, Starlight. xoxo

  2. Absolutely beautifully captured inspirational sentiment of growth! A lovely poem that deserves to be read many times!

  3. Rich and truly wonderful. To embrace one’s self is to better what he was yesterday. How often do I tend to wish I were someone else? Hmm. I’m grateful for this message. If I were pick my favorite line, I think I’ll be quoting everything here. You, ma’am, are an inspiration.

    • Gulp. My Dearest Uzoma, I’m a fairly tough cookie and rarely does a comment move me to tears. Every response seems inadequate. We are all forging our individual paths — yes. Yet, we’re all in this together, leaning on and learning from so many — sometimes beautiful souls we’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting. I’m honored to know my words touch you as YOURS TOUCH ME!!

  4. A wild, fun and insightful journey of life as seen through our feet! I love all the metaphors, images and connections. My head is spinning in confusion, but my heart is smiling! πŸ™‚ thank you!

  5. Eric on said:

    Nice, dearest. It made me think that perhaps I should reserve a spot on the next rocket. I’m on the waiting list… πŸ˜‰

  6. Ha!! I want to be on that waiting list. So thrilled to have you here for the closing of this chapter for me. It has truly been a wonderful journey, and I shall remain a loyal reader — as long as there are brilliant writers like YOU…β™₯


  8. i had to return again to read this inspiring poetry again

    and this…


    To foster your own dreams

    Rather than covet another’s

    Chance after gutsy chance’

    a daily mantra for sure, ty for this.

    • Aww, thank you so much for coming back. Indeed, a daily mantra for me as well!! Why is it so challenging to pour out our hearts completely with zero guarantees? Vulnerability is scary — but without it — we’re lifeless!! xo

      • us adults do fear standing on that emotional ledge, luckily we have our poetry to remind us whether we want or are ready, to be reminded. πŸ™‚

        sometimes the words take us on ‘their’ journey and what a gift that is. {{{ h u g s }}}} to you my friend.

  9. Very lovely and insightful words for sharing, my friend! Thank you!

    Have a lovely day ahead, always~ Cheers!! πŸ˜€

  10. Hi luggagelady. Nice to hear from you. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ Friends Had Said!’ Best Wishes, The Foureted Poet.

  11. Always a pleasure to read your work and have you visit my rickety old baggage carousel…

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