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How Lucky Am I to Call You Dad?!


To Male Role Models Everywhere: What YOU Do Makes a Lifelong Difference


Exemplifying strength, security, and wisdom

Your jovial ambition buoyed all who gazed into those steel-blue eyes

A man with boundless know-how

You were educator, innovator, mentor, entrepreneur, comedian, athlete, handyman, storyteller — and moral beacon

I believed in you

And you instilled tenacious courage in me

Exhibiting integrity in every facet of your life

You demonstrated the importance of preparation, sacrifice, faith, and hard work

Cushioned by your tireless guidance

I stumbled

I blossomed

I made choices that surely left you wincing

Still, my gallant cornerstone remained in the wings


Yet intervening only if solicited

A consistent male presence enhances the well-being of every child

But paternal dependability fortifies a little girl’s heart beyond measure

Shielding her from pathetic sorts who prey upon the vulnerable

A flourishing confidence that protects her long after she grows up and moves away…


Thank YOU for

Bestowing a love I never doubted

Safeguarding my reputation by imparting self-worth

Anchoring our family in your committed embrace

Being the first to volunteer and the last to quit — bettering every community you touch

My heart swelling with pride at the mere mention of your name

For loving my mommy over fifty years and counting

Towering valiantly as the grandest role model I’ve ever known

How lucky Am I to Call You Dad?!

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29 thoughts on “How Lucky Am I to Call You Dad?!

  1. You are very lucky! And so is he! Wonderful poem of deep appreciation and love.

  2. If only I could write like beautiful and yet so effortless.

  3. Wow. This brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, LL. What a splendid, sweeping tribute to love and to your wonderful while speaking eloquent volumes about the amazing daughter he has fathered. Thank you for the inspiring reminder of the astounding power of good and loving dads and my gratitude for those of them in my life. LOVE

    • Loving dads indeed radiate a positive influence over the lives of their children daily, and I’m eternally grateful for having one of the greatest. But the beautiful presence of an angel named Chloe is still a gift I struggle to comprehend. What ever did I do to deserve YOU?? ♡♡♡

  4. Beautiful! Your father seems like a wonderful man, which explains part of why you turned out to be such an incredible woman. Love & Light, S

  5. Aka Teraka on said:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful…

  6. Goosebumps and tears…what an amazing tribute!

  7. This is a beautiful tribute. Knowing when to stand back and let someone triumph on her own strengths shows the greatest wisdom of all.

  8. Aw, your dad is a handsome man! I love the cat too 🙂

    You should frame this tribute, it’s perfect!

  9. Being the first to volunteer and the last to quit — bettering every community you touch

    My heart swelling with pride at the mere mention of your name

    i so loved this poem and especially these lines..i am so happy for you that you could write such beautiful words about your dad.

  10. Wow. Thanks Shauna. A lovely and personal tribute. You were very blessed to have such a father. Thanks for sharing your love for each other with us.

    • Brad, you share your awesome 😉 insight so generously. Sending you hugs on a day that can’t be easy — and yet you continue choosing and presenting life’s brighter side to your reader’s great fortune.

  11. What a great tribute – I hope my girls see me that way too.

  12. My Dearest Mosk — If you’re even pondering the question, you’re doing an amazing job… Thank you so much for the pleasure of your visit! 🙂

  13. Hi luggagelady. That’s so nice I wonder if my kids think like that/ Thank you so much for your comment and for liking my poem’ The Cyclist’. Take Care. The Foureyed Poet.

  14. Oh, FP, with your storytelling capabilities, although bone-chilling at times 😉 — I’m betting they had a fabulous adventure having you as their daddy!!

  15. That’s very sweet and you’re indeed a lucky soul, my friend. Cheers!! 😀

  16. Beautiful words that touched me right in my heart!

  17. Thank you, Liz — Your words always touch my heart!! ♥♥

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