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Soulfully Awake…Standing in Awe


Just a blip on life’s stage

Passing through history’s dense corridor

Lost civilizations mocking

Whistling my insignificance across snapping winds

Footprints gobbled by swirling dust

Was I ever even there?

The sun bores into my heart

Exposing my humanness

Yesterday’s drama devoured by thunderous waterfalls

I scrounge uncomfortably

Clamoring for excuses

Why do I succumb

To living so small

When I’m nothing but a speck in time?

My tongue thickens

Leaves me to swallow words unformed

But in subsequent muteness

Tears of determination cleanse my scope

And slowly I rise

I may be but a flickering flame against a ravenous night sky


Wherever the trail leads from this step forward

I have gleaned the dauntless spirit

Of all who have pummeled this path before

Teetering on possibility’s edge

Soulfully Awake…Standing in Awe


I return with brimming heart, Dear Readers, from a journey that afforded mesmerizing glimpses of Peru and Alaska. Blessed to experience the magnificent natural wonders of our planet, but also to lay a hand across the pulse of hardiness, innovation, and unyielding gusto coursing throughout our human lineage — I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and appreciate your patience so…

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42 thoughts on “Soulfully Awake…Standing in Awe

  1. I love this poem! It captures so many things at so many levels – it kind of turns the corner to embrace timeless exisitence…. that’how I feel reading it. Thank you

    • Thank You!! I love your interpretation — Reaching through the folds of history, may we strive for our greater good over superficial trivia, celebrating each and every moment on the playing field… πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Welcome back Shauna. What a wonderful and powerful post to mark your return. Clearly you are refreshed, determined, and energized with new insights on what it means to be human, Awake and in Awe! Thanks for a lovely, touching post. Brad

    • You make coming back such a treat, Dear Brad!! As I reenter the “real world,” I only hope I can maintain this tranquil state of mind. I know — I’ll just keep reading your awe-inspiring posts! πŸ˜€

  3. lovely poem – a timeless wonder – leaves me wanting more

  4. Can’t wait to hear about Peru!

    • Dearest Naomi, I sent you a link on my previous post regarding Peru. Please let me know if you need it again. You will have an incredible journey regardless of which path you embark upon…

      • I appreciated your comments on the last post. I didn’t see a link to follow, although you did mention the name of your trekking company. We are still figuring out dates and have yet to decide how much time to allow–we will be diving the time for a trip up the Amazon river from Iquitos.

  5. Ahem. What a potent, moving, human piece that eloquently mirrors the majesty that has inspired you! Your generous spirit, sensitive soul, and lovely artistry continue to warm and inspire this reader. I’m grateful to you and– for you. And have missed you. Shine on, LL. xoxo

    • YOU, of all people, know precisely how to inspire awe…I read these words as I traveled and my thoughts immediately turned to you and your beautiful (additional) venue of artistic expression: “We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

      Thank you for making me twirl around the room, sans grace and form, πŸ˜‰ but exhilarated by the magical privilege of calling you friend! xoxoxo

      • Oh, you’ve put a bounce in my step first thing in the morning, dear friend. And I had forgotten about that quotation–LOVE IT. Thank you. Sending love to you across the land, LL.

  6. What an excellent poem…welcome back! πŸ™‚

  7. Fredrik Kayser on said:

    Gorgeous words as always, LL. πŸ™‚
    Although I disagree with one thing. Or well, disagree is a strong word, it comes down to perspective. The amount of time we spend might be small if we try to measure it, however, the way I see it time isn’t point a to point b. time is a sphere that expands endlessly and within that sphere there is nothing except the present moment. ^^
    A journey like the one that inspired a poem like this one must have been something Grand indeed! πŸ™‚ I’ve always wanted to go to Peru!

    • Ah, Fredrick, always a pleasure. I adore your interpretation. Far too many (myself included) wallow in the past/future missing out on the beauty begging to be savored. When I wrote the part about “living small,” I was referring to the imagined dramas/gossip-laden superficial vacuum that is a challenge to avoid in everyday life. As you so eloquently state: “time is a sphere that expands endlessly,” I hope we all remember to celebrate the magical depth along the way… πŸ™‚

  8. wow!!!! so much power and profoundness in each and every word.. its a masterpiece!! πŸ™‚

  9. What a beautiful poem! You so capture the sense of timelessness and being. I love the line “Why do I succumb to living so small”

    • Thank you! I love all of your writing but just read “I Asked God” and cannot get over much this resonated, particularly with the trials faced along this journey. Keep up the great work!!! xo

  10. Wherever the trail leads from this step forward
    I have gleaned the dauntless spirit
    Of all who have pummeled this path before
    Teetering on possibility’s edge

    Soulfully Awake…Standing in Awe

    at the timeless intersection of our history, and the future as you choose to make it.

    what a wonderful poem and incredible place for you to ‘be’. welcome back, it was so good to see you on my pages liking so many of my words. thank you so much.

  11. I thought

    “Why do I succumb

    To living so small

    When I’m nothing but a speck in time?”

    was almost a self-answering question, but I love how you turned it around in the end.

    This quietly profound and comforting and encouraging.

  12. Eric on said:

    i am but weary traveler
    lifting face in wonderment
    to open mouth t’ward chill of mist
    to taste the sting of life and loss
    to taste the bliss of lifted love
    for mist forms pricked thoughts of you
    and leads lone heart to yearning’s ledge


  13. Welcome home, my friend! Cheers~ πŸ˜€

    • Thank you so much…I’ve much catching up to do & need to place my necklace order with you — Soon!! πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome! No worries, take your time with the catching up for we can’t wait to read more about your lovely vacation.

        Have a great weekend ahead! Cheers~ πŸ˜€

  14. Liking “12 Steps…” introduced yourself and gave me the opportunity to sample your excellent material. “Soulfully Awake” drives home your heartfelt journey now only a memory.
    very pleased to meet you

  15. Eric on said:

    I just had to read this again and again. I think it is great. Of such height. Of such depth. You are a wonderful writer and poet, my Lady. No mere blip. Yours, Eric

  16. Ah! I remember you were away for sometime, before I took some time out too. So pardon me for not late ‘welcome back’ message, LL.

    Your poem is a joy to read–it’s like a observation made in reference to what has passed, the present, and what’s not affected by time. Well that is the way I see it. Good to have you back!

  17. Thank you so very much, Uzo! Great to have YOU back as well!! Although I’m still struggling to “be back” I promise to catch up with your story soon — I have it open on a separate page waiting… πŸ™‚

  18. God has put eternity into the heart of man. We are but a speck in our minds as we look in wonder at God’s emmense and glorious creation. The fabulous truth, precious, is that He did it all for you! Awake! Rejoice! And taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!!

    Love your poetry! And I love your pictures. Really amazing sights!

  19. Wonderful poem. You turned some words and phrses on their heads. Thanks and thanks for visiting my blog. Safe travels.

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