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Postponing Life for a Braver Day…


Ah, that exhilarating dream…

Abounding with infinite possibility

You courageously hover

Heart booming

Butterflies swarming

Unknowns blazing upon your cheeks

Yet you swallow, unflinchingly, against a cottony tongue

Reigning in skittered nerves

Harnessing the river of trepidation rushing from brain to toes

You’re empowered


Cascading through anxiety

Delving untethered into the wild blue yonder

Staring life squarely in the face

Invigorated by freedom so delectable

Willing the sensation to never end…


…But the alarm clock jars

Severing your fantasy

Grating beeps lurching you back to reality

Into the greedy clutches of a well-known thief

Your mind spirals downward

Engaged in a dizzying battle with itself

Rooting you in place

Incessant “what ifs”

Serving as your rusty anchor for longer than you’d care to admit

Panic’s prisoner

Postponing Life for a Braver Day…

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14 thoughts on “Postponing Life for a Braver Day…

  1. I read this at 6:30 a:m today and…wow! This was such a thrill, thank you.
    I felt like I was there; and then I was.

  2. Thanks for taking a spin on the old baggage claim here — and for putting a smile on my face… 😀

  3. Darn, you got me good. I was riding the wave of exhilaration, ready to see what great adventure or breakthrough you were planning, only to come crashing back to earth and ordinary life. Very clever and poignant.

    Now how shall we live our dreams?

  4. Oops…sorry about that! This was written in honor of all those suffering from anxiety issues — panic attacks, specifically. My hope/dream is that they find a way to convert fear into action, instead of shrinking the boundaries of their lives. This is a frustrating condition to observe because the individual suffering is the only one who can do the necessary work to change. And the mind is mighty powerful!

    To those of us who are fortunate enough to live without such a challenge, the alarm clock need not ever sound. I say: Dive into life with wild abandonment!!! 🙂

  5. Synchronistically timed post, missy-and a powerful reminder at that. One certainly does have to work harder to overcome the anxiety-so happy for you that you’re spared that. Diving in with wild abandon-so headying when it happens. Thanks for continued inspiration, LL. xoxo

  6. Someone I love dearly has battled panic issues for years. I wish I could do more than offer these simple words. If only the bravery of the dream-state could be bottled and sipped slowly throughout the waking hours…

    Thank you for supporting and finding inspiration no matter how far off the grid I teeter! xo

  7. Absolutely wonderful!

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  9. Dear luggagelady. I’m almost lost for words, so pleased you liked my poems ‘ Mortuary and Empty Carriage’ and for your kind comment. In a nice way I hope I may frighten you further with my spooky tales. Sleep well. The Foureyed Poet.

  10. You are always so gracious, my Dearest FP, I truly enjoy the way with which you lure your reader ever-so-gently in before scaring the wits out of them. Keep ’em coming!! xo

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