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Knock Only if Expected!



Strolling down my street recently, I noticed a sign posted on the cheery red door of my favorite house:Β  Knock Only if Expected! it implored, rattling my senses.

Now I understand not wanting to be heckled in your home, but what about the neighbor dropping by with freshly baked cookies or glorious bottle of wine, who simply wishes to make your acquaintance? How much is lost when social parameters are cordoned off so rigidly?

This question reverberated around my brain like ice water hurled into a steaming shower, leaving me to contemplate the times I’d carefully tweaked my external shell only to greet the public with “do not disturb” placarded across my demeanor. What breath-whisking scenarios swirled swiftly past, while I staunchly plodded forward with such a limiting disposition?

Of course no one wants to resemble a jack-in-the-box, head bobbing to-and-fro, and life demands a certain degree of focus — but surely I could peel back my blinders enough to welcome fortuity.

Because I’ve dwelled behind that shuttered door, and it was gregarious individuals extending hands without hesitation who resurrected my faith in humanity. Thanks to them I shall forever aspire, even if my knocks go unheeded, to maintain a boundless heart.

Knock Any Old Time!” I hope my body language proclaims with every step taken…

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24 thoughts on “Knock Only if Expected!

  1. Urgh!! It’s the world we live in today where everyone is TOO BUSY (on their cell phones and iPads) to communicate the good old fashioned way. I miss being a young girl and having company drop in unexpectedly (this even happened in my 30s in the 1990s!) Now, it’s like you have to make an appointment even to talk on the phone with somebody!! I dumped a live-long friend because she only wanted to communicate via email. I straight out told her, “This is not normal!” We haven’t talked since last summer!

    Well, if you ever come to NJ and knock on my door, I’ll welcome you in with open arms — bottle of wine, cookies or not πŸ˜‰

  2. My Dearest Maryanne, it sounds like we are peas in a pod. Growing up in the midwest, I took friendly neighbors for granted. When I first moved to the west coast in the late 80s for a sales job, I was definitely a fish out of the pond. Over twenty years later, I still find myself flopping around and gasping for air on occasion…

    I extend the same invitation to you in Cali…no wine required, we have oodles! πŸ™‚

  3. A wonderful post! Loved it!
    Enjoy the Day! S

  4. Thank you, Beautiful Lady…And I find your writing delightfully inspiring!

  5. Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Opportunity and Risk, they are a package deal! Thanks for keeping an open sign and heart.

    • Perfectly summarized! And the opposite would sound something like: Lapsed Life but Safe? That sends chills directly to the core of my soul. I wish us all the courage to continue knocking — no matter how many times we hear the scrape of the deadbolt sliding into place on the other side…

  6. Ooooo, I love your imagery….as well as your constantly striving and open spirit. You’ve got a welcome here, too. Cheers!

  7. My home is your home, my Dancing Superstar/Thought-provoking writer extraordinaire. As the Highly Treasured Reader of more of my blog posts than anyone I know – except for my husband and little brother (the creative inspiration behind this entire site). I’m quite certain you’ve earned dinner and a tour of the greater San Francisco Bay area! xoxoxo

  8. happilymadmama on said:

    Fabulous! I am guilty of this and appreciate the reminder to change and be more open. Thanks!

    • And I so appreciate your gracious visit! In truth, I’m a work in progress, faltering time and again, erecting walls when confronted with those not-so-warm-and-fuzzy scenarios. But I “aspire” to remain open — and this is my wish for us all πŸ™‚

  9. marcelino guerrero on said:

    I’m sarcastic; I would of rung the bell!!!

  10. Ha! Funny you should say that as this song kept bouncing around my head the entire time I was writing this post…Here you go!!

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  12. Woah~ That’s a door that I would never knock if any emergency is needed…cause an emergency is always no expected in life…Thanks for sharing!! Cheers~ πŸ˜€

  13. optimisticgladness on said:

    Yes. Me too. I tell people they don’t have to call, just show up. One time, I had a homeless lady look through my garage windows. I opened the door and asked if I could help her. She said she was selling Christmas ornaments. It was clear that she was taking the ornaments off peoples doors and porches and selling them to different people. I told her I did not want one, but gave her money (not sure if that was the right thing to do or not—-then called the police). I felt bad all around about the situation. Thank you for a great post. πŸ™‚

  14. That’s a tough scenario and one you responded to with graciousness! I’m so glad I discovered your thought-provoking blog!! πŸ™‚

  15. What a wonderful thoughtful post. Thank you so much for making me think about this.

  16. Delighted by your gracious visit! πŸ˜€

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