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Treasures Await



Life is a Kaleidoscope through his eyes…

Vibrantly rich

Ever-changing surprise

Charmingly amusing

Laughter vanquishes sadness

Cooking becomes art

Foods burst across palates

Wine showers taste buds in her velvety bouquet

Music peppers a collage of memories

Each song composing another verse in an eternal melody

Every day a continuance of thrilling excursion

Routine moments intensify

With that rare someone who spies

Magic in the ordinary

A jolting thunderstorm turns into

Breathless candlelit moments

Tantalized by zigzags of electric energy

Punctuated by soul-stirring booms

Admiring stars as they poke through breaks in the clouds

Flaunting glows with zip in their strut

His arms swiftly encircle

Fingers intertwine


He gently guides

Around the bend

He gestures


Treasures await…

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16 thoughts on “Treasures Await

  1. Lovely, and if this describes someone in your life, you are a lucky woman. To the magic and precious in ordinary life!

    • “To the magic and precious in ordinary life!” Okay, I’m stealing your line. πŸ™‚ What a great toast, particularly at this time of year…
      Lucky I am, but I wish this for everyone! Hugs and happiness to you, Brad!!

  2. This is beautiful. I love your pic on top of the luggage carousel, too. Perfect fit with your other career.

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  4. Wonderful magic you’ve made here…many thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. I so appreciate your kind words. Please drop by anytime!! xo

  6. Wow! Did I say before you have a way with words. You take us on a Journey so easily. And leave us wanting. Well done. Peace.

  7. I really like this! This is simple yet soulful…. great words!!!!

  8. Thanks for taking your precious time to say so and make my heart smile! πŸ™‚

  9. This was absolutely wonderful. I think a lot of writers tend to over-write out of a sense of insecurity. Your word choice and the swift action of this poem, make it a wonderful, rewarding read. Really, really loved it. – Moskowitz

  10. Gulp…blink, blink…Thank YOU!!!!!! xo

  11. Love the alternating rhythms and dynamics here, to say nothing of the luscious romantic sweep. “Zip in their strut…”–I’ve now said that aloud 7 times, with a broad, delighted smile. Thank you for the continued generosity and inspiration, LL. xoxo

  12. And I thank you for YOURS — So happy I could make you smile!! πŸ™‚ Celebrating romance every day is as crucial to the soul as water is to the body…

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