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The Ride of Life

Life…the roller coaster we all must ride, yet we hold the keys. Or do we? How many people stall, waiting desperately for the tattooed operations man, the frowning clown — anyone — to push their buttons?

Life…it just happens. A trip with no itinerary, a journey without a map, a tome of blank pages staring back at us. No one asks if we want to be born. There is no interview, no preference card on which to notate desired selections, just a seed planted without our consent. Someone has thirty some-odd weeks to prepare for our arrival, but for us it’s one giant surprise.

We start out warm and safe, contented creatures indulging in a nine-month all-inclusive vacation. Perhaps that old-fashioned slap on the newborn’s bottom served more as a reality check (wake up the party’s over!) than a breathing tactic.

It is at this moment, when we realize we have joined the ranks of the earthlings, that our ride squeaks and sputters into motion.

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