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Check That Baggage


It captured headlines for quite some time:  Unhappy passengers grousing over mounting airline fees. The latest revenue generator being “baggage.” A bit of an oxymoron, I concur. It’s not like a drink or a meal. I mean, who can travel from point A to point B without all their “stuff?”

And yet, how many of us crying foul over this money-making tactic willingly cart around our own crate of emotional baggage without thinking twice about the cost? I’m not suggesting we merely forgive and forget. It’s about respecting ourselves — regardless of childhood wounds, or other miscellaneous cruelty that life has dumped onto our plates. Sure, we all have our crosses to bear, but allowing those burdens to anchor us in Grudge Harbor is both a huge price to pay — and a choice.

As Eleanor Roosevelt so eloquently stated: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Choose wisely, each step of your magical journey…

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