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Timeless Souls Plucked from the Spring of Our Days


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A high school friend recently asked me to write something for our upcoming reunion. I struggled for weeks. Then, I thought about the plans being made to honor those┬áclassmates who’d left our world far too soon.┬áSeveral of these losses occurred while we were still teenagers. The impact on our young minds was profound.

As I began writing, however, I realized this wasn’t just for the Class of ’84. This was for┬áevery┬ácourageous spirit who has endured unimaginable tragedy and found the strength to move forward, anchoring families, friendships, and communities with awe-inspiring perseverance.

I dedicate this to you with Love and Admiration.


(Photo from our journey to De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, 2009)

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