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My ‘Just in Case’ Letter


💔Every day someone kisses a loved one goodbye and doesn’t make it home💔

If only I were a perfect wife…I wouldn’t dare part ways with even an ounce of hostility lingering. I’d honor, cherish, and pour my heart out like there was no tomorrow — never, ever taking love for granted. So, when I read Marie Tillman’s heartrending book, The Letter (and finished mopping my tear-soaked face), the little writer in me had an aha moment: What if I penned my own letter and tucked it inside a crisp white envelope, ensuring my husband never doubted for a single second just how much he meant? You know — just in case…


My Dearest MTD,

When we first met, I knew my soul had arrived home at long last. But never in my wildest dreams could I have written the story I had the privilege of living. You loved with such constancy and patience. Even when I struggled to find my greater purpose you endured my frustrations in your upbeat stride. You were always my first choice. Although we both carted our own bit of baggage into the fray, I loved you as I had never loved before.

From renovating homes to flying airplanes, sailing, and your extraordinary culinary talents — I can’t recall much of anything you couldn’t do. Oh, how I adored watching you prepare your magical meals. You’d go to such lengths to procure the precise ingredients, coming home with an armload of your favorite sunflowers and a huge grin because you’d found the ideal wine to pair with dinner. I’d light the candles and queue Linda Ronstadt or James Taylor on your meticulously installed and perfectly tweaked sound system. We’d talk and laugh — and talk some more.

And all those adventures you so tediously planned??

Jumping out of airplanes, scuba-diving, sailing around the world, hiking Machu Picchu, kayaking the open seas, zip-lining, bike riding to the top of Delphi — seriously?! Sure, I’d traveled a tad before you, but these activities were spectator sports, things I’d nestle on the couch and read about. You nudged me outside my comfort zone and produced brilliant travel videos so I had proof! Without you, I’d have remained as flat as a paper doll.

‘Without you’ was the one journey I never wanted to embark upon.

I’m not exactly sure where I am, but you know from our countless late-night “what’s-it-all-mean” conversations that I’ll always be with you. Just promise you won’t curl your pillow over your ears and assume for even a solitary moment that the squawking crow interrupting your slumber is me!

For an orphan boy, you certainly had a knack for family and gave so much to mine. My relatives and friends adored you. Your enthusiasm for life’s smallest pleasures was contagious. I’ve never been so delightfully infected by anything in my life. I beg you — don’t ever stop spreading your boundless spirit!

You’ll find love again. And when this happens, don’t look back. View this next phase as you would a new country — different, yes, but an exploration to savor.

You were my best friend. Every moment shared with you was a gift, but if you don’t get out there and keep living to the fullest, I’ll be forced to send in the crows — a murder of them! 😉

Eternally Yours,

Nani Kat


(*photo: Saint-Malo, France)

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23 thoughts on “My ‘Just in Case’ Letter

  1. Wow. Gulp. Just a minute while I allow my heart to escape out of my throat and my tears to dry. What a heartrending, heartwarming, utterly wonderful tribute to you, your Mark, and your love, LL. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring love story, so eloquently and generously woven! Now get your amazing self back to your amazing guy and E N J O Y. love, love, love….

    • And I thank YOU, my cherished soul sister, for ALWAYS being there. NO matter how doggone nervous I am to press that “publish” button — there you are with your enormous and gracious heart, giving me a soft place to land! Gulp. To say I’m grateful is an understatement, but I cannot find a word that properly conveys the depth of my appreciation for ALL that you are to me!!! 💖

  2. p.s. LOVE the photo of drop dead gorgeous, insouciant YOU…..

  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words on said:

    SirenaTales says it all 🙂
    another WOW though… your husband will never have doubts how much you love him and your life together…
    Thank you for sharing such the deep sacred space your heart is in
    and yes the photo is Beautiful, your Spirit shows through your eyes
    Take Care…You Matter…

  4. Wow, you wrote you own heart-rending story Shauna. What a lovely tribute to Mark and your love together. Clearly, you are both thriving in love. I hope to one day experience that kind of relationship.
    And wowza again on the photo! It’s a little unfair to me as a single guy to tease like that! XD

    • My Darling Brad, you always know how to make me laugh (well, when I’m not crying over your posts — that is). My little brother (graphic animator extraordinaire) shot the photo against a green screen and photoshopped me into my existing baggage claim. “Photoshop” being the key word. If you met me in person, you’d search long and hard to find this version of me! LOL

      Thank you, as always, for your loving support. xo

  5. wow—I read the same book and thought of doing the same thing—funny how we don’t tell those so integral to our daily lives these deep, honest feelings—-
    a beautiful letter. . .

    • I SO love seeing you here, Dear Julie! I read the book almost three years ago and have been writing my letter ever since — ha! I wasn’t sure if I would post it or hide it in a drawer. But maybe others will be inspired to write their own letters. If nothing else, to reread them from time-to-time as a reminder of blessings that sometimes get overlooked in life’s busyness… Big HUGS coming right back to you!

  6. I’ve always loved la Bretagne… ❤ we'll be in St-Malo by mid-August for several days, r u coming back, too?… 😉

  7. Absolutely beautiful! ❤

  8. Sallee Turner on said:

    What a beautiful letter.. and I love this idea..

  9. The most wonderful ode to love, Shauna. A touching message from a beautiful soul and grateful heart.

  10. SO appreciate you, Dear Tiny! Your mesmerizing photography continues to capture my heart & soul — Thank YOU!!

  11. No one speaks more eloquent than the precious heart of someone in love. Your tender words have painted a most beautiful picture.

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