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Ever Grateful for YOU


May the faintest illumination allay all traces of gloom
A whispered word evoke cheer in your heart even amidst chaos
May providence veer you fluidly from harm
A song renew your spirit
May your blessings be bountiful enough to share
And giving elevate your essence
May love lavish endless color across your days
While the gift of family and friendship provide safe harbor
May you know inner peace and hone this asset
Forever seeking
Passage to soulfulness…

♥ ♥ ♥

Your support means the world to me, precious readers. Sending you ALL my deepest gratitude & love — on this special day — and always! 😘

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15 thoughts on “Ever Grateful for YOU

  1. Wonderful blessing and gorgeous photo! Thanks Shauna and Happy Thanksgiving!
    to more blessings and songs in our spirit… 🙂

  2. Ever grateful for you, Shauna! Thank you for lavishing so generously the gifts of your luminous spirit on our lives. Happy Thanksgiving, with lots and lots of love

    • Awwww, Chloe…I only posted this here BECAUSE of your inspiring, spirited support. You have indeed taught me much in the art of generous luminosity — I only hope you know how precious you are to me…

  3. Enjoy Your Thanksgiving! May your holiday be joyful and may happiness surround it, with good things on your table and those you love around it!

  4. Beautiful photo and sentiments to match.

  5. Thank you, Shauna, for your beautiful poem with blessings! The image is glorious, but also serene and peaceful. I send you hugs and blessings on this holiday weekend!

  6. Coming back to you tenfold, Tiny!!! SO proud of your latest writing effort. Would LOVE to read it!!!

  7. magnifique, comme d’habitude… ❤ you're A true LADY… amitiés sincères et respectueuses, Mélanie

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