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Might We Dance Again?

IMG_7582  Pouring heart and soul upon the page

Unmasked for all to judge

At times, feeling inconsequential


But you opened your arms

With unimaginable support

Erasing those fears

Swaying and twirling

Generously sharing your own inspiring insight

Our introspective dance drawing us close

Pouring heart and soul upon the page

In pursuit of meaningful existence


Might we dance again?


Oh, how I’ve missed my WordPress World!!!! Thank YOU ALL — from the depths of my wandering soul — for not abandoning Luggage Lady during my lengthy hiatus! I very much look forward to reading your beautifully uplifting, thought-provoking blogs once again. And for my cherished readers, it is my sincerest hope to publish something of value here at least once a month. 😘


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26 thoughts on “Might We Dance Again?

  1. Hi Shauna,
    Welcome back! Personally I’d rather be traveling than writing, but great to hear from you. Looking forward to the next adventure. blessings, Brad

    • Thank you, Brad! If only I could credit travel with my aimlessly wandering soul… 😉 I am struggling to recapture a sense of creative discipline and appreciate your unwavering support!! ♥

      • You’re welcome. I have a wandering soul too that I haven’t honored in a long time due to finances. Oh, well. Meanwhile, maybe now is not the time for you to write?

  2. Hello dear lady, such an energetic write it is and I truly enjoyed it. We surly can dance again. Very positive and lively piece of writing 🙂
    Keep Sharing

  3. I trust your travels have treated you kindly…though very nice seeing you have returned.

  4. Welcome back! I’ve checked from time to time, but the carousel has been silent. So good to see some luggage on it again 🙂

  5. Welcome back, it is so nice to see you posting again. 🙂

  6. LUGGAGE LADY!!!! Of course, we will dance on and on, my friend. What a luscious surprise to see you back here, and with the fine, honest, tender and eloquent LL trademark. I, too, have checked here periodically, in case I somehow missed a piece, especially during my own breaks. Truly magical to find you in my Reader tonight. Dance again? Yeah, baby!!! xoxo

    • Be still my beating heart!!! If not for you, I’d never have pressed the “publish” button. If not for you, I’d have remained stiff-limbed, stepping backward, again and again…

      My galvanizer, my dance master, my patiently-souled friend — YOU are the magic that fuels so much positivity and creativity in the universe. May you awake each day, exhaling contentedly in that knowledge! With Love, Admiration, and Joy-filled Friendship always, LL ♥

  7. p.s. LOVE the photo….

  8. Hi! Another great poem… wait, once a month?

    • An honor indeed, Mr. Hotspur! I’m coming over for a visit shortly! (to your blog, that is) Re: “once a month” — too much, too soon?? 😉 Ha! Just buying time to ensure I can actually produce “something of value…”

  9. Welcome back! I’ve missed you!

  10. Eric on said:

    Love it. And love you too, dear! Glad you’re back. 🙂

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