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Together We Flourish — Divided We Flounder

Dolphin Always! (5)

Sensationalized reporting

Sweeping generalizations

Inflated sentiments

Morph into disconnect




Channel after channel

Each attempting to eclipse the other

Competing soundbites trying to sway

Yet, in the real world

I observe a much different story

I see

Folks joining hands

Working tirelessly

Building cohesive families

Earning honest livings

Looking out for their neighbors


Mentoring our youth

Goodwill extended every step of the way

And my admiration skyrockets

The camaraderie of upstanding citizens

Impassioned spirits merging with loving intent

Has always been the glue binding our communities

We don’t need anyone to decipher this for us

It’s ingrained in the very fiber of our shared humanity

Together We FlourishDivided We Flounder

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27 thoughts on “Together We Flourish — Divided We Flounder

  1. Love the positive message. What a nice way to begin my Sunday morning.

  2. Such a scintillating piece that upholds true friendship, love, understanding among neighbors. Truly, together we flourish, divided we flounder.

    LL, you rock. 😎

    • Indeed, Dear Uzoma, the very strength of our communities (towns, cities, nations –world!!) rely upon the gracious love and understanding of its citizens coming together, neighbor by neighbor, hand-in-hand, for the greater good. I appreciate you so!!!

  3. This is one of my new favorites, Shauna! Another fantastic post! Have a beautiful week! L&L, S

  4. Right on, LL!! Thank you, once again, for uplifting me and my day with your soaring inspiration. I just realized that when I read your work, I actually have this visual sensation of gold that then spreads over my torso and arms in a gentle warmth….how cool is that? It must be your aura shining through your words, emanating from the “page.” May all of that light glow back atcha. Thank you, lovely. xoxo

    • p.s. LOVE the photo–especially the little guy all the way to the right who seems to be smiling while continuing to soar–like you….

    • I’m fairly certain the gold you speak of resides in the eternal fountain of YOUR endlessly giving spirit. How you find the time in the day to pour such goodness into our universe is honestly beyond me…So, if I happen to harness a ray on occasion it is THANKS to loving souls like YOU holding the light for me — steady and patient — time after time! ♥♥

  5. The muse is back! Such a beautiful portrayal of the love and simple connections that build our world. You have a gift for writing Shauna. Thanks for uplifting us with your words and being that shines through. Maybe we’ll start an Inspiration Station together! blessings, Brad

    • I can’t thank you enough for sharing this journey with me, through thick and thin! 🙂 It is my sincerest hope that we somehow remember — although it is by no means easy — that connecting with the world in a loving manner leaves ALL of us better for the effort.

      • Hi Shauna, I’m sorry that I missed this reply. Not quite the demonstration of support that I would prefer. Please know that I appreciate you, your blog, support and budding online friendship. I miss your blogs and comments and hope that your cyber vacation/ break is serving you. I’m tempted to let it go, but feel that I enjoy writing and hoping that my words touch and inspire.
        Blessings, Brad

      • Goodness Sakes My Dear Friend, never in a million years have you demonstrated anything less than your complete, lovely support. As I said, I sooo appreciate you! I realize I have fallen away from the blogging world — both in my writing and reading. Life has thrown a few curve balls my way, and I’ve not been able to stay up on my creative endeavors as much as I would like. I thank you for your patience and want you to know that your words absolutely touch & inspire!! Blessings right back to YOU!!

  6. Thank you Shauna for this inspired reminder of who we really are! The message of your poem is touchable – love is the opposite of fear – and love is all we need. Have a blessed week.

  7. I’ve been accused of viewing/living life through rose-colored glasses, but the alternative — quite frankly — breaks my heart…I couldn’t agree with you more: Love is all we need — LOVE is everything!! Thank YOU. 😍

  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words on said:

    You make me/us smile…
    for in a world bombarded with energy to separate and divide
    you remind us Humanity is alive and well and moving forward
    holding hands and thoughts to bring the dream of peace alive…
    Thank You …wonderful thoughts to ful-fill the night
    Take Care…

  9. Your lovely thoughts make me smile, Miss maryrose! Most of us are aware (to a certain degree) that if it’s drama and unrest we seek, a turbulent life we shall lead. I can’t tell you how often I observe this as a flight attendant. I don’t wish to oversimplify human relations, but even in the most challenging interactions a sincere smile, closed mouth, and open ears can diffuse just about anything — throw in a free drink and most people can’t remember what they were upset about in the first place! 😉 Peace & Gratitude to you always, LL

  10. This was so wonderful and inspiring – I love how you deny the news networks their place as agenda setters and let reality set your agenda! Bril, just bril!

  11. Hard to express how much I appreciate YOUR comment!! Don’t own a television — don’t own a “smart” phone… I’m “off the grid” and loving “bril” folks like yourself who “get it!” Thank YOU for your astute kindness! 🙂

  12. I am grateful for your kind remarks!

  13. Clouds N Cups on said:

    Aww…it has been a while since you’ve last updated, hope everything is fine over there!

    Happy October, my friend!

    May this month be a wonderful and inspiring one for you and your loved ones!

    Take care and be well, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  14. Eric on said:

    Luggage left
    In lane of life,
    Lent or lost
    In midst of strife,
    Loved till last
    Throughout the night;
    We yearn for
    Your lone voice.


  15. You write really well, insights and thoughts are deep and experienced. Glad to have discovered you, and look forward to exploring more of your blog in the coming days.

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