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Bounteous Spirits Populating My Journey

IMG_8208 (1)

With each venture

The globe magically reveals herself

Pearl after generous pearl

A trend emerging

The fellow traveler’s warm disposition

Exchanging secret paths

Recommending hidden treasures

Gesturing down cobblestone alleyways

Eager to share establishments ripe with local flair

Extending genuine invitations

To be their guest

Halfway around the world

Kindhearted souls

Connecting in a manner

Seldom afforded in everyday life

Comrades in adventure

Life-enhancing encounters

Bounteous spirits populating my journey

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27 thoughts on “Bounteous Spirits Populating My Journey

  1. So beautiful and talks to my imagination! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful walk through another world, my Lady! Keep them coming. 😀 Eric

  3. This is lovely! I love your word choices.. and the flow of it is great! I really like your image as well. Greece? I have not been, but my parents have. It is one of the ‘must see’ travel places on my bucket list. My dad told me the beaches and the color of the ocean is like nothing else in the world. I have travelled a lot, but I haven’t made it that far, yet. Thank you for sharing! I’m happy read your pieces and have you on tryst! ~ Jen 🙂

    • Oh, and I just love the theme of your blog! How awesome is it to write about all your travelling when you work and fly! My uncle is a poilet for Southwest and my mom was a flight attendant for TWA many years ago before she had me 🙂 So, love for travel and flying is in my family.. ~ Jen

  4. Thank you, Jen! I love your writing and blog!! Yes, this is the Greek island of Santorini. It’s my favorite destination on earth, and I’ve visited many times. I dream of living in a tiny place perched on the edge of a cliff there in retirement… 🙂

    So sweet of you to comment on my theme. It’s wonderful you’ve traveled so much. I cannot imagine life without it…I get stir-crazy when stranded in one place for too long. My husband is a pilot for Southwest…Perhaps he knows your uncle? xo

    • For retirement.. that sounds so wonderful! I will be near the ocean when I retire too, hopefully much sooner than that! Yes, I too don’t know what I’d do without wandering around this beautiful world! My free spirit cannot be chained down in one place too long either! I’ve been in this current city now for a lmost 5 years, and I’m ready to relocate again!

      That is very cool your hubby is also a pilot for SW! We love that airline! We fly it all the time! SW staff is so great, funny too! Yes, perhaps they do know each other. My uncle has been a piolet for a very long time.

      Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I am touched, honored, and so thankful for my Tryst family! I never thought.. I’d have such a thing! But I love to write and I love this Tryst I have created.. I love connecting with other writers like yourself.. I just love a lot! 🙂 Yesterday was one of the tougher days.. this hole in my heart hurts…so…so…so bad. ouch. Thank you for reading pretty girl! I look forward to more from you! ~ Jen (Sheesh.. sorry I wrote a freakin book here)

  5. “With each venture
    The globe magically reveals herself” It really is a magical thing. Your words have painted the image of a wondrous journey here. Thank you!

  6. I have been so fortunate in my travels…It’s a bit like this mystical wordpress world; I always seem to encounter the most beautiful souls along the way. Thank YOU for being one of them!!

  7. What I really love about this (besides your language and ideas) is that it reminds me of a fleshed out quote by Anne Frank “Despite everything, I still feel that people are basically good at heart.” Thanks for the reminder – moskowitz

    • Wow, to even be mentioned in the same sentence as such an amazingly inspirational individual brings me pause…

      Perhaps this will come across as some oversimplified “law of attraction” rhetoric, but I truly believe each of us has an opportunity to decide how we unwrap this gift called life. When one packs curiosity, patience, and an open heart/mind — voila — wonderful things transpire… 🙂

      Thank you for your incredible kindness!

  8. A whimsical walk through the hallows of your travel bliss. Yes, travel seems to open magical doors. I loved the words, flow and stirrings of travel lust. It is past time for me to have some magical adventures spurred by the beauty of being new in a new place.
    And maybe time for me to craft a poem in the meantime to scratch that other itch!

    thanks Shauna,

  9. Thank you Brad! Yes, take a trip…even if it’s in your hometown. Approach it through the eyes of a tourist and create your own adventure. One need not go halfway around the world to experience such bliss…I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your next poetic endeavor!

  10. Peripatetic Eric on said:

    That’s a beautiful description of what it means to travel. Your words made my eyes glaze and think about traveling!

  11. Every time I have the pleasure of reading your blog, I’m inspired to travel…peas in a pod perhaps we are? Thank you for your kindness. I wish you endless happy adventures!!

  12. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  13. So glad to have the privilege of your visit! I hope you are well, and I wish you all the very best in the New Year!! 🙂

  14. Beautiful poem!! It makes me think of all the warm and welcoming people we meet from all over the globe through blogging.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  15. Dear Wendy, I could not agree with you more. Oh how I love this wordpress world I am fortunate enough to be a part of…Beautiful souls like YOURS keep me going on those days when I struggle with fresh ideas or question who will care what I have to say…I thank you from the depths of my heart for your warmth and continuous support!! xoxo

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  17. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- what a great way to capture your journeys, with heartfelt words.
    Take care-

  18. I can’t wait to read more of your blog…Thank YOU, your kindness is appreciated!

  19. Such an amazing post!

  20. So sweet you are! I stand in awe of your writing…

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