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I Still Believe in Me



Restlessness percolates through my veins

My soul mutters guidance I can’t quite hear

My heart hammers in protest

I forget to breathe

Why can’t I make out destiny’s voice?

When others seem capable of belting out her words

Like lyrics from a favorite song?

Clarity escapes me

Everyone else forges ahead with impressive accomplishments

Yet I flounder

Seeking an outlet to pour the best of myself

Filling pages with inspiring bits

Not merely the first thought that spills forth

All the while struggling to lift a spirit pummeled by self-doubt

Loyalty and support ebb and flow

So tempting to turn to another to field my dreams

A scapegoat to gesture toward when progress stalls

But no one can do this for me

A mountain I must scale alone

I persevere

Certain my soul has a plan

Tightening my boot laces

I stare boldly into the sun’s blinding glare

Dirt scuttles across the vacant trail

And I still believe in me

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One thought on “I Still Believe in Me

  1. Yeah, baby. Compare your mountain climbing “Mind Over Mountain” post :). I totally empathize with the self-doubt, bewilderment. Thanks for sharing so eloquently and honestly, LL. xoxo

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