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You Are My Other Self


“You are my other self” ~ traditional Toltec greeting


What if

Before each encounter

I paused?

Allowing Toltec wisdom to wash away


Negative energy

Fears of being rebuffed or of overwhelming?

Might everyday interactions become valued affairs

Rather than ordeals to endure?

What if

I envisioned hearts sharing the same tender beat?

Might compassion and patience take precedence when going about my daily tasks

Unveiling another’s brightness by honoring them with my best?


Dear Universe,

When self-absorption engulfs

And I fail to acknowledge those around me

Please jar my senses

Guiding me back to what matters most

Initiating connectivity

Generating goodness

Be it a smile, helping hand, or chipper word

Never alienating

Bridging spirits

Thereby enriching my own

Imparting sunshine

Ever cognizant:

You are my other self


Dedicated to my treasured readers.

Thanks for your vitalizing support — my heart is full because of YOU! 😘

(💗Post inspired by M.J. Ryan’s life-enhancing book, 365 Health and Happiness Boosters💗)

*Photo: Temple of Zeus — Athens, Greece

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19 thoughts on “You Are My Other Self

  1. So touching and wise. Thank you Shauna for sharing your compassionate heart and bright light. Indeed, may we see and honor the tender hearts in each other, pausing to let go the little self to find the joy of big self united in love. 🙂

  2. Right back atcha, Cleopatra. You and your radiance and generosity make me cry, LL. Thank you so much for the uplifting and heartening gift of this and so many other posts–stunners all. As are you. Love the Toltec greeting–will be using it as a new mantra. love you, Chloe

    • Oh, My Dearest Mighty Dancing Life Role Model — How do I count the ways I adore & appreciate the treasure of your ever-lofty supportive love??? With a dance quote, of course!!! Every time I stumble, I picture you out on that stage, pouring out heart and soul and everything in between — and I instantly find my footing again… 💗💃🏼

      “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ~Rumi

      • Hard to imagine you stumbling as you are such an embodiment of grace, my friend. I am honored by your comment and LOVE the Rumi quote. xoxo

  3. This was so touching and aware. We have all experienced when “self-absorption engulfs”. Thank you for this reminder to think differently 🙂

  4. What a warm, Heart touching post, Shauna. I can feel your generosity of spirit through your words, tenderly embracing my Heart as I read what you wrote. If we all could just think how truly we are ONE, how better this world would become. Beautiful post, my friend. Love, Amy ❤

    • One by one, perhaps we can better our world, Sweet Amy! Connecting with you and sharing in your beautiful words AND stunning photographs has most certainly improved mine!!!! Love & Hugs to you 🌺

  5. What an amazing quote! It inspired my post for today! Thank you for sharing your love. xoxo

    • Hello Lovely Lady, I hope you don’t mind I cut and pasted a portion of your post so I could enjoy your uplifting sentiments again and again…Thank YOU! Have a fabulous weekend! 😘

      “…to see all of life as an adventure, an opportunity to explore + discover every single second of every day. to live mindfully, intentionally, and with the expectation that miracles and amazing things are happening. in a world such as ours, we need this vision. we need this way of living completely in the moment, accepting who we are + where we are, and completely willing to bend and flex with the flow with the universe… to allow ourselves to deepen + widen + heighten. to become enlightened and evolve. what an incredible way to experience life!” ~ Liz

  6. Your writing inspires me to be a better human being. Thank You for that 🙂

  7. I’m beyond grateful for one of the nicest compliment I’ve ever received! Sending you positive energy and so much LOVE for your life journey, Dear Apoorva!!! 💞

  8. Hi Luggage Lady. That is nice. Thank you for liking my poem The Violin! Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

  9. I will try to pause more, this is such a moving and thoughtful message. I hope to “bridge spirits” as you described the process so well. Thanks for this today. It meant a lot. Smiles, Robin

  10. How can a pretty lady like you even think that someone could rebuff you? You are the greatest and you write great thoughts.

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